Jodie, Liberton

The help that I have received has been amazing in preparation for theory and practical piano. Especially during current circumstances with lessons being over zoom I have felt so supported and never felt as though I was any less of a learner because of Covid19. The progress I have made with Hanah is amazing, and there is always lots of encouragement which makes piano lots more fun to learn! A massive thank you for helping me on my journey to becoming the pianist I always wanted to be! 

Marion, Morningside

Beth, Anderson and Samuel really look forward to their online lessons with Hanah each week. The lessons are fun, relaxed and thorough.

Christine, Musselburgh

When I started lessons with Hanah 5 years ago I could not read music or play the piano. With lots of patience, support and encouragement over the years from Hanah I have achieved both of these.  Whilst I am not the quickest learner Hanah has given me the confidence to try both traditional and contemporary pieces of music which I really enjoy.

Noriko, Mayfield

My daughter has enjoyed Hanah’s lessons since she started. Hanah‘s encouragement gave her motivation. In spite of the COVID-19 situation, Hanah’s lessons were never stopped. She quickly switched to online lesson from in-person, then introduced the individual log on page on the website. 

Since the first lockdown, school and social activities were different from before. Although Hanah’s lessons are online, these are regular events and give us some sort of normality, which we appreciate. Hanah is very creative, enthusiastic and well organised which we like!

Erin, Liberton

I have attended weekly piano lessons with Hanah for the last 5 years since the age of 12. The support she has given me and continues to provide both practically and theoretically has been invaluable in helping me work towards achieving my goal, which is to graduate from university and ultimately go on to become a professional musician.

Hanah has been teaching my children piano for 5 years. Her approach is fantastic - really friendly, supportive and encouraging. My children continue to enjoy their lessons and have gained confidence and enjoyment in their playing. Hanah has supported with ABRSM grades but is also flexible in her approach, taking on board the interests and individual tastes of my children through performance, composition, aural training and theory. A great all round experience. 

Ali, Wardie

Andy, Stockbridge

I'd always wanted to learn piano but wasn't sure I could in my 40s. I started with books and apps but wasn't really getting anywhere until I started real lessons with Hannah F. I was a bit worried about having lessons with a teacher watching me, but Hannah's patient, friendly style has encouraged and guided me through two method books so far. Whilst a teacher obviously helps me spot note and rhythm errors and so on, Hannah also helps with the softer side - the dynamics of the music - and to be honest, knowing I've got a lesson is a good incentive to practice much more than I would learning alone. So in a year, I've gone from playing "easy" pieces to be able to confidently tackle complex, longer pieces which at first looked truly impossible!

Morag, Wardie

Neil, Comely Bank

My daughter really enjoyed the Online Summer School courses that she attended, and got a lot out of them. I think it has expanded her musical horizons in a really engaging way. Really brilliant.


I am very grateful, thank you. 

My son had a block of singing lessons with Laura. He really enjoyed it. It is set in a fun and friendly environment. I would recommend it as a starting point to explore singing, individually or as part of a choir, or to build on current skills. The lessons were always tailored around his needs interests.



Chris, Corstorphine

Hanah is a great teacher - patient, encouraging and good-humoured, all combined with excellent technical knowledge. As an adult with no formal musical training, I thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Hanah and made steady progress through the grades of both ABRSM and Trinity. Thoroughly recommend Hanah for piano lessons.

Sarah, USA

Hanah taught my 2 unruly daughters aged 5 and 6. They both loved and relished every lesson they had with Hanah. Her patience is astonishing. She managed to captivate, encourage and teach them all at the one time. They learned the basics so quickly and Hanah keeps the pace brilliantly. We have recently moved to the US and the girls were very disappointed to give up their lessons. We are still looking for a teacher who can match Hanah's standards. In the meantime they continue to play the tunes she taught them every day and they remember all the little gems she taught them. Hanah is sadly no longer our piano teacher but her tuition remains with us and our family and we are very grateful.

Rozi, Ravelston

My son has learnt flute with Hanah since she started up in Edinburgh and (amongst other achievements) I'm glad to report he received a Distinction in his Grade 5 exam which he just sat in June. Hanah really balances sound learning with making sure music is fun. I thoroughly recommend her as a flute teacher (and as a music graduate myself, I can be picky!)

Diane, Kirkliston

My 9 year old daughter Jessica has absolutely loved learning piano with Hanah. What a difference from when she started last year until now. I couldn’t believe how quickly Jessica was able to read the music and became such a confident player. Thank you Hanah!

Sheila, Morningside

My 11 year old has been having piano lessons with Hanah for several years and has been really enjoying the lessons and has developed her playing well . Hannah is fun, friendly and enthusiastic with the kids and is happy to teach on a "play for pleasure" basis rather than going down the exam route, for those not keen on doing the exams, which is great.

Kyle, Aberdeen

Extremely helpful, open and considerate - a very nice practical, thoughtful and talented musician and teacher.

Regina, Cramond

My daughter is taught piano by Hanah and I can honestly say that she's an amazing teacher with a progressive, modern approach. I'm seeing real progress in my daughter's piano abilities and this is massively due to well-tailored tuition sessions.

Sascha, Greenbank

Hanah is very professional and teaches with a modern attitude which unlocks a child's full potential by focusing on self management and incentive. She is always encouraging and our daughter loved her ! Nothing but praise for Hanah.

Amy, Craigleith

Hanah is a wonderful teacher, she has been absolutely brilliant with my 5 year old son - lessons combine fun and the kind of patience needed when teaching piano to someone of that age! Highly recommended.

Rhona, Morningside

Hanah has been teaching piano to both my children. Her professional yet personal approach has ensured that they absolutely love their lessons with her and are making fabulous progress. We are very lucky to have Hanah as our tutor!

Hanah has been my girls’ piano teacher for 2 years now, they are now 14 and 16. Hanah is always unfailingly positive, bubbly, enthusiastic – and super organised.  Transition to online lessons was seamless and well thought out. One of the things that is fantastic about Hanah is that whilst most music teachers say they are pupil-centred and will focus on what the pupils wants to play – this is genuine with Hanah.   She has introduced loads of different composers and pieces to my older daughter, and always listens to what she is focused on – and for my younger daughter great structure and encouragement working through early stages of piano.  Hanah is a great role model and my daughters get on so well with her – piano has been a great positive in this time and I suspect they will keep on with piano for the long term!

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