A set of 63 backing tracks to accompany songs from the Tunes for Ten Fingers book. 

21 recordings of the duet (teacher) part alone, 21 recordings of the student part, plus 21 recordings of those songs with both parts together.


Song List:

Happy Hand

Queen, Queen Caroline

Two's Company

Happy Waltz

Evening Tune

Lightly Row

See a Pin

Au Clair de la Lune

Merry-go Round

Welsh Lullaby

Look Sharp

Russian Song

A Cello Tune for the Left Hand

Michael Finnigan

Jingle Bells


Thumb on the Move

Hallowe'en March

Don't-care Blues

Dance of the Shepherd Girls

Round Dance


All recordings performed by Hanah Mack.

BACKING TRACKS - Piano Time 1 (63 recordings)

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