Music Theory Workshops 

Music Theory is an important part of a musician's understanding and so at HMMT it is always a part of our lessons, whether this is by working through the ABRSM graded workbooks, by playing games or by completing worksheets and puzzles on the topics covered in the tutor books. Instrument specific theory is always taught along the way as part of the lessons.

At Grade 5 level, separate theory workshops are offered in addition to, or instead of, instrumental lessons.  Each session is tailored to help with a particular area of the exam and give extra resources and tuition along the way. Below is a rough example of the content of the classes. Revision sessions and mock tests are given in the lead up to the student sitting the ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam.


General theory revision and Irregular Time Signatures

Tenor Clef

Major and Minor Keys up to Six Sharps and Flats


More Irregular Time Divisions

Intervals and Naming Chords


Chords at Cadential Progressions

ABRSM Theory Grades 6-8 are taught throughout the year to students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the making of music and harmony to prepare for college or university. These sessions are of course open to everyone however they are not for the faint hearted - a full understanding of music theory must be demonstrated by proof of a Grade 5 Theory certificate or the willingness to sit a past paper.